Everything needed in one place

Work with the best – and with the best equipment. Photonics Center’s modern shared equipment as well as high-quality measurement and processing systems guarantee an excellent operating environment. In addition to this, expert services from advanced manufacturing & measuring, large-scale industrial project coordination, customized research and ecosystem services to Business Joensuu’s comprehensive accelerator services help companies to step-up their operations and find new business opportunities.


Work with the best equipment

An essential part of the Photonics Center is a service concept for shared equipment. The concept is based on the Photonics Center acquiring a portfolio of devices based on the needs of customer companies and offering photonics companies a new way to use world-class devices. It is no longer necessary for companies to make expensive investments on their own and to commit capital when equipment can simply be rented when needed. Product development and prototyping can be carried out cost-effectively and smoothly with our equipment!

Supplement the use of our shared equipment with our expert services and increase your company’s competitive advantage with better products and services!

The Institute of Photonics (UEF) have equipment for which companies can rent usage-time. For more information on equipment owned by the Institute of Photonics, visit the service provider, UEF Institute of Photonics website.


photonics hub

Explore state of the art facilities for photonics – a combination of business, collaboration and research under the same roof – opening in 2022. Photonics Center is an infrastructure where experts, equipment and tailored services meet and unite towards a brighter future. The newly built facilities support co-operation and enable the rental use of clean rooms, laboratories and office facilities, all in the same location. Ensure your place in this unique photonics ecosystem to grow and develop your business.


Experience the newest photonics innovations

Photonics Center’s Showroom is an engaging experience, which not only spreads the word of latest innovations but also serves as a meeting place. Display your newest products or host an event – versatile space transforms to your company’s needs and suits variety of occasions. Showroom offers your company a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase your expertise and increase the company awareness, while connecting with professionals in the field.

Business premises

  • Clean room
  • Labs
  • Offices

Manufacturing Services

Business Services

  • Coaching
  • Funding
  • Acceleration


We are Photonics Center

Photonics Center is a testament to regional cooperation and proof of what can be achieved.

Photonics Center Oy was founded in June 2021 and serves as an operating environment for photonics, accelerating the creation of new companies in Joensuu. At the same time, it serves companies that either already operate in the photonics industry or utilise photonics.

Photonics Center is a subsidiary of Business Joensuu, whose main owner is the City of Joensuu. University of Eastern Finland, Karelia and Riveria act as partner organisations for Photonics Center, bringing their own services, infrastructure and expertise into the photonics ecosystem and are involved in developing Photonics Center’s business.

These organisations are no strangers to each other. Before the founding of Photonics Center, they jointly created a photonics education path, where experts in the field of photonics are trained from the secondary education level all the way to doctoral degree level. The natural continuum from this earlier work was to create a world-class place for companies to grow and develop!

The partner organisations have each brought their own strengths to secure growth in the business community. The aim of Photonics Center is to serve companies on a one-stop-shop basis – seamlessly and effortlessly from one place. The service offering consists of Photonics Center’s own services as well as the special expertise of each partner organisation. The equipment owned by Photonics Center can be used by all companies, without anyone having to tie up capital for equipment purchases. The facilities are located on the university campus and have been remodelled for business needs. The synergy with the university further increases the vitality of companies and the research world.

Check out all the partner organisations here:

Business Joensuu

University of Eastern Finland

Karelia University of Applied Sciences


Photonics Center Oy was established under the Joensuu Photonics Center project. The project is funded by the Regional Council of North Karelia through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme for sustainable growth and jobs 2014-2020 and the Finnish structural funds programme.

Company information
Photonics Center Ltd.
Business ID 32195949-5

Metria, Yliopistokatu 7


A valuable community of photonics pioneers

Photonics Center supports photonics companies in business development, capital acquisition, co-marketing and networking. The center helps companies to promote innovations both on national and international level and find new partners to increase growth. Together, the photonics-based companies, educational institutions and development organizations form an international hub, attracting companies making use of photonics – a key enabling technology around the world.

With over 50 years of experience, photonics is one of the top industries in Joensuu region and the ecosystem built around the industry is highly developed – all actors in the community bring their own expertise to the table. Cooperation is vital for the ecosystem’s functionality, which is why Photonics Center supports it in a completely new way, making it easier for professionals to unite.