The XR LAB environment serves companies, communities, and educational and research organizations in the region, by offering the opportunity to familiarize themselves with, test, and pilot various VR/AR applications. The XR LAB has a wide range of devices, including for example, equipment for motion monitoring, various virtual reality glasses, as well as various monitors and software.

The purpose of the activities is to lower the threshold to get familiarized with VR/AR technology, and to provide an environment that can easily provide a concrete opportunity to learn more about technology, and to understand its application possibilities, especially to launch and grow new business. In the environment, companies can launch various pilots based on VR/AR technology to create new business. If a company has a specific idea or problem related to the topic, the company can use the XR LAB environment to test or process the idea. There are no restrictions regarding sectors. The companies may be from forest industry, teaching technology, urban planning, tourism, or other sectors, whose business could potentially be further developed, for example, by means of 3D visualization technology.

The services are produced in cooperation between the University of Eastern Finland, Business Joensuu, and commercial service providers.

For more information on XR Laboratory, visit the service producer, Business Joensuu website.