We help companies to access the Joensuu region, offering all relocation services quickly and easily at one place.


We offer a variety of tools for recruiting employees and are also familiar with the recruitment of international experts. We assist in identifying funding opportunities related to recruitment, as well as in applying for funding. Additionally, we guide you to utilize Joensuu’s exceptionally wide education sector, private training providers, and training subsidies.

For more information on personnel and competence services, visit the service producer, Business Joensuu website.

Business premises

We ensure suitable business premises and site options for the needs of the companies in our area. Photonics Center offers photonics companies, as well as companies utilizing photonics, a unique place to grow and develop. Business developers, students, and researchers all meet under the same roof.


Development aids for companies located in the region are exceptionally good. For instance, a company may apply for a development aid of up to 50% of the costs, and investment aid of up to 35% of the costs. We assess the suitability of various funding options for the needs of the companies and assist in preparing funding applications. In addition, we have two funds: The Start Up Fund Joensuu and the venture capital fund North Karelia Growth Fund, which can fund companies locating in the Joensuu region, as well.

For more information on funding and investments, visit the service producer, Business Joensuu website.

For more information on investment funds and startup development Joensuu, visit the service producer, Business Joensuu website.


We assist the company in creating a competitive value chain and identifying key product development and business partners. Photonics Center provides you with an access to equipment, facilities, and experts. On a global scale unique devices combined with the service, enable a rapid product development for the companies. In case you are interested in acquisition, we offer assistance in finding a suitable target.

Once the company has settled in the Joensuu region, we provide a comprehensive set of business growth services throughout the company’s life cycle. Visit Business Joensuu’s website and explore the services.

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