TRIOPTICS ProCam® Align Smart

An essential part of the Photonics Center is a service concept for shared equipment. It is no longer necessary for companies to make expensive investments on their own and to commit capital when equipment can simply be rented when needed. Product development and prototyping can be carried out cost-effectively and smoothly with our equipment!

With the measurement and production instruments of the ProCam® series offers solutions for the critical challenge of active alignment and assembly of high-precision optical sensor systems. Due to an automated production process based on unique algorithms, systems ensure accurate, repeatable and fast alignment and thus a better image quality of the camera modules. The optimisation of image quality through the use of active alignment technology leads to a reduction in production rejects. Active alignment is therefore an efficient production method for high-end camera and LIDAR applications, resulting in high yield and best image quality.

Active alignment technology

  • Active alignment with sub-micron/sub-arc min resolution
  • Five or six alignment axes
  • Suitable for wide-angle optics with a field of view (FOV) up to 170°1)
  • Alignment of sensor to the camera optics and vice versa
  • The components are focused in a single alignment step, centered, tilt-adjusted and rotated with respect to each other
  • For stereo or triple cameras as well as for LiDAR systems
  • Up to 100 modules a day

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