Our Photonics ecosystem at your service

In Photonics Center we want to identify new networks to collaborate, because the success in the future requires new ways to support the pursuit of quality, efficiency or other goals.

Photonics Center is an umbrella structure in our photonic ecosystem in Joensuu. The core of our service concept is to be a one-stop shop that operates on top of partner organizations and the aim is to make services feel seamless for service users by providing a single-entry point into the photonics ecosystem. The intent is to maximize the convenience to clients of all partners through service integration. Partner organizations remain distinct but integrate portions of their services in a way, that enables clients to utilize them through a single access point, providing one entrance to unique photonics ecosystem.

Photonics Center assists your business in finding the right source for contract research or research cooperation, as well as guides the companies in applying for funding from various funding instruments. We possess a comprehensive know-how of various funding models and are eager to help companies in the photonics sector to develop and grow their business.

Key aspects where Photonics Center can help your business

  • Contract research
  • Research cooperation
  • Partner search
  • Finding funding
  • Large-scale industrial project coordination