A competent personnel and successful recruitment promote your company’s growth. We assist you with personnel competence questions, as well as in finding new skilled workers by means of modern recruitment.

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Recruitment service by international expert utilizing networks. Relocation services by international experts. Service for employers and recruited personnel and their families.

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International sales

Growth comes from global markets. We help clarify the goal state of your company’s internationalization and strengthen your international business skills. We concretely take you to international markets. Visit Business Joensuu’s website and explore the services.


DigiGrow service enables you to enhance your digital skills, as well as to find the most suitable tools for your business development.

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The service identifies the development needs in leadership and develops the critical aspects in terms of growth. Supporting the client in the challenges and obstacles of growth leadership, as well as assisting in identifying ways to dissolve them.

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Investments and funding

The demands for funding vary throughout the company’s life cycle. We provide aid in corporate funding questions in all stages of your business. We offer you guidance in funding planning, mapping suitable funding sources, planning investment and development projects, as well as in preparing applications.

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