Photonics Center – Collaboration Business and Research website published

The Photonics Center – Collaboration for Business and Research to be established in Joensuu is a unique place designed for photonics companies and companies utilizing photonics to grow and develop. The service coverage includes equipment, facilities and experts under the same roof. Photonics Center supports photonics companies in business development, capital acquisition and networking. We help companies promote innovations nationally and internationally and find new partners and experts to boost growth. Start-up companies can utilize comprehensive expert and accelerator services.

Photonics Center promotes collaboration between companies and educational organisations and enables the use of modern shared equipment as well as measurement and processing services. Available services include a unique optics research and manufacturing environment at the UEF/Institute of Photonics which includes the manufacture of micro- and nanostructures, such as e-beam and characterisation, and the top precision technology equipment at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The operating environment also supports the training of future top experts from all levels of education for the needs of your company.

To meet the companies expectations and needs Photonics Center operating concept has been refined through a co-development process with stakeholders and companies in the photonics industry. The upcoming steps are now clear and the goal is to establish Photonics Center Ltd as soon as possible this spring. The common vision is clear: the Photonics Center is becoming a world-class place, which further strengthens Joensuu’s already strong profile as a leading player in photonics. Photonics Center will open in autumn 2021.

The Photonics Center is jointly developed by the City of Joensuu, the North Karelia Regional Council, the University of Eastern Finland, the Institute of Photonics, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Riveria, The University Properties of Finland Ltd, PREIN – Photonics Research and Innovation, and Business Joensuu. In addition, several companies have also been involved during the development process.

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